Caught by the River


6th July 2014

IN257 - Lower Pool, with Tower Bridge under construction- Magic

London’s myriad bridges are the subject of a new mixed media exhibition at the Museum of London Docklands, which also happens to be their largest ever art exhibition.

“From Hungerford to Blackfriars, Westminster and Millennium, Bridge also looks at how London’s bridges allow people to move around and experience the city, and looks ahead to projects such as Thomas Heatherwick’s ambitious ‘Garden Bridge’ proposal to consider how this landscape may change.”

Winding back the clock to the city’s first ever bridge – crafted from timber by the Romans around 80 AD – there are salt print photographs and linocuts as well as film, and even a sound art commission by Scanner; an immersive exhibit which aims to create a ‘river of sound’ using peoples’ voices. The end product will be pumped through the museum using speakers when it is unveiled in September.

It’s already opened and runs right through till November, so there’s plenty of time to check it out. More about it here