Caught by the River

Competition Results

9th July 2014

The last two competitions in our newsletter drew a deluge of response so as always, thanks for getting in touch.


Lots of you were keen to get your hands on a copy of Julian Mash’s Portobello Road so we asked; Hawkwind played their debut gig in 1969 at All Saints church hall, a stones throw from Portobello Road, under what name did they perform?

And the answer is: Group X

Letting fate work its magic, the lucky winners are; Andrej Znak, Toby Davies, Martin Harvey.


And those wanting a copy of France En Velo racked your brains for the answer to this taxing question; in which English county does this year’s Tour de France start?

Unsurprisingly, we had a record number of entries but there can only be three winners and they are; Tom Willis, Elaine Blackman and Jonny Carr.

Your prizes will be with you shortly.

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