Caught by the River

London's Lost Rivers tours

3rd July 2014


Wade through London’s watery past and take a meander with Tom Bolton on one of his new summer walking tours.

London’s Lost Rivers tours is a ambulatory homage to the book of the same name. Writing for Caught by the River backn in 2011, Tom said this;

“I’ve always felt that the best thing about London is its inexhaustible walking potential. Nowhere stays the same for long: come back the next day and something has always changed. Come back in a year, and the entire city has shifted on its axis while you’ve been otherwise engaged. That’s why I began to look below ground: trying to pull back the surface and link geological traces and topographical whispers with the rivers rumoured to run under our feet.”

There are four tours to choose from;

Sat 19 July – Tyburn river walk
Sat 19 July – Fleet river walk
Sun 3 August – Neckinger river walk
Sun 3 August – Walbrook river walk

We particularly like the sound of the Neckinger one – “Cutting through the South Bank and Bermondsey, this walk along the buried route of the River Neckinger reveals South London’s visionaries, dissidents, madmen and women and a selection of well-known household brands.”

Read more about it all here

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