Caught by the River

Of Other Dreams

9th August 2014

the snowcave

A poem by Daniel Crockett; written in response to a snow cave found above the Nupsa river, below the bowl of Geldingadaulur, in the valley of Nupsdalur, Westfjords, Iceland.

One month, more or less

Gone from your narrow cleft

Delicate slump seamed open

Web and weft of your walls sunk

The suns and stars of your roof are all yesterday’s eyes

Constellations in decline, longing left behind

A map of vanishing cities, deftly wrought

Growing as you shrunk

For a time I lived inside you, added nothing to your roar

Naked to the tapestry of your lessening

Amongst the droplets, worlds fell

The very earth itself flowed out

Your silence witness to the unknown passings of the mountain

Space as temporary as cloud, shrinking in and in

You soaked me, from inside out

Drenched, astonished with your slow departure

But perhaps you are not new at all

Cyclical, a reincarnation

Of other dreams, of other dreams

Daniel Crockett.