Caught by the River

Be Seeing You – Reflections on Festival No 6

15th September 2014


This summer, we’ve been truly blessed festival wise – from Glastonbury onwards via Port Eliot, it’s been a total blast. Last weekend’s Festival No 6 was no exception. Weather wise, it was near perfect. Performance wise, it was incredible – talks, readings, band and DJ sets were in turn education, intriguing, hilarious, uplifting, exhilarating and life-affirming.


A few highlights – the Kelly Brothers in conversation with Ted Kessler; moonrise over the estuary, a thing of rare beauty; the bar that sold pints of Punk IPA; meeting like-minded souls from all around the world; the Village; an impromptu DJ set in crew catering; Jon Savage taking it back to ’66; three brilliantly diverse headliners – Cherry Ghost, Jimi Goodwin and James Holden; talks by Viv Albertine, Philip Hoare, Brian from Awesome Tapes From Africa, the Arch Drude Julian Cope, JP Bean and Joe Boyd, Evie Wyld, Trevor Cox & Richard Benson; live music from The Rails, Love L.U.V., All We Are, R. Seiliog, The Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band & John Wizards; and hanging out with one of the all time greats, Mr James Endeacott (pledge for his book The Fat White Duke now – it’ll be a stone classic!).




Here’s to next summer’s week long hangover.

Robin; pictures – as ever – by the mighty Neil Thomson.