Caught by the River

UpClose with Bill Ryder-Jones

28th September 2014

© Matt Thomas

Bill Ryder-Jones has joined forces with the Manchester Camerata to mark their UpClose season with a live performance of his landmark 2012 solo album If (Domino Records) on Thursday October 9th at Manchester Cathedral as part of the Manchester Literature Festival.

Rob St. John called the record “warm and reassuringly human, drawing on a tonal palette of swelling strings, echoing minimalist piano and muted percussion,” in his review for Caught by the River and the filmic LP soundtracks Italo Calvino’s post-modern novel of 1979 If on a winter’s night a traveller, “in which the narrator (unusually in the second-person) takes the reader through a collection of fragmented stories.”

The event will feature Ryder-Jones on guitar/vocals and strings and orchestration from the Camerata ensemble. Apparently there’s a pop-up bar serving drinks from 7pm onwards too.

Listen to the album’s title track here;

Tickets available to buy from here