Caught by the River

Events in London

1st November 2014

1000x2000Photo courtesy of Jason Orton.

Ahead of our very own London event in November there are two others taking place that we think might be of interest. Firstly, the very great Kathleen Jamie will be discussing her work at the London Review of Books shop on Monday 10 November. More information can befound here.

On 18 November, at the same venue, Gareth Evans hosts Rising Ground: Place Writing Now. Taken directly from the LRB website, this is how the evening is described:
Writing about place – a sub-genre of travel writing that subverts it by being about staying put, rather than moving – has been enjoying an extraordinary vogue of late. Three of the genre’s finest practitioners will be at the shop to discuss its significance and future. Philip Marsden’s Rising Ground (Granta) explores the small part of Cornwall to which he has recently transplanted himself; Julian Hoffman, in The Small Heart of Things (Georgia) finds home around the shores of Greece’s Prespa lakes, and Ken Worpole in The New English Landscape, a collaboration with the photographer Jason Orton (Field Station), proposes a new paradigm for topographical beauty based on the post-industrial landscape of the Thames estuary.

Thanks to Caught by the river reader Andy Pattenden for bringing these events to our attention.