Caught by the River

Shadows and Reflections – Mathew Clayton

Mathew Clayton | 21st December 2014

It’s the season of goodwill so I thought I would take this opportunity to share a recent incident…

I was waiting for a bus at the Old Steine in Brighton when I noticed that the bearded hipster standing next to me had a tattoo on the back of his leg that looked like the label of a sherry bottle. This seemed so ridiculous I had to check…
‘Is that a sherry tattoo?’ I asked.
‘Yes, a label of a vintage Amontillado. Very dry. Pretty special.’ He earnestly replied.
‘So you recommend this type of sherry?’
‘Oh yeah’ He paused, ‘Try it with a cheese called manchego and a slice of membrillo. That’s a paste made from a fruit called a quince’.
There was a pause.
‘I don’t think I have ever seen a sherry tattoo before?’
‘Yup’ he replied smugly, ‘that’s pretty much everyone’s reaction’.

Mathew Clayton on Caught by the River