Caught by the River

Kim Fowley – Caught by the Reaper

17th January 2015

by Bobby Gillespie

Kim Fowley was/is one of our all time rock’n’roll heroes. From producing and singing on The Hollywood Argyles “Alley Oop” in 1962 to recognising the genius of The Rivington’s “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” and unleashing its gonzoid psychotic genius on the world… to discovering & producing the early (Ambrose) Slade & being the Svengali genius behind (and helping to form) Joan Jett & The Runaways (including producing and co-writing hits such as “Cherry Bomb”).

The guy gave his life to rock and roll… Not forgetting him also producing Gene Vincent’s “I’m Back & I’m Proud” album in 1969 & Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers 1st album demos in 1972…

He made so many great records that I love, songs that have lit up my life… Classic rock and roll 7″ singles like “Born To Make You Cry”, “The Trip”, “Motorboat” ,“International Heroes” , I could go on and on, there’s too many to mention…

His proto-punk masterpiece album from 1968 “Outrageous” has to be heard to be believed, it has Mars Bonfire from Steppenwolf on sick sex screaming guitar – pure ditch groove – the true grease… It’s one of my favourite records ever… like Jim Morrison & Iggy on a death trip to nowhere – pure negation – I love it to death.

He was a one off… A true master… His music lives on in our hearts forever.

Bobby Gillespie / Primal Scream x