Caught by the River

Something Like A Nest

23rd January 2015

SG-179 005

Words and pictures by Andy Sewell.

My book Something like a Nest came out a few months ago. Let me tell you more. . .
it’s photographed in the English countryside. I started making the work because I was intrigued by the muddle of things this landscape represented to me. The rural idyll – countryside as a place of escape and continuity – is still such a potent image in our culture, but of course if you stand in a field, farmyard or village the things in front of you don’t conform easily to this cliché; when you look closely it’s often more tangled and more interesting than that. The work is in some ways about trying to see this landscape more clearly – about exploring our idea of the countryside and how this sits with the stuff of contemporary life. Creating, I hope, something that can accommodate mixed evidence and contradictory feelings. A set of pictures that pulls, where possible with, and, when necessary against, the pastoral symbolism we attach to this landscape.



Copies of Something Like A Nest can be bought from Andy’s website, priced £40