Caught by the River

The Northern Lights

9th February 2015

Hi Jeff,

Great stuff with the event last Monday – Ian (Rawes) and Tom (Bolton) were on fine form and the Raban film was simply stunning. Really pleased too to finally shake your hand and thank you for using the Wild Voices review on Caught by the River.

Here’s something I thought would be of interest: BBC Alba are digging out old documentaries from the BBC Scotland archives at present, the best has been one from 1969, The Northern Lights:

“The Northern Lights was first broadcast on BBC One in 1969 and followed the Pole Star, a Northern Lighthouse Board relief vessel and her crew as she serviced some of Scotland’s most remote and inaccessible lighthouses. Although the Northern Lighthouse Board had begun the process of automation by then, several manned lighthouses remained and the crew of the Pole Star had the crucial role of taking relief crews and supplies to these lighthouses. In this programme, the Pole Star visits the Sule Skerry and North Ronaldsay Lighthouses in Orkney as well as the mysterious Flannan Isles Lighthouse where three lighthouse keepers disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1900”.

Beautiful stuff – have a watch if you have the chance.

All best wishes and I hope our paths cross again soon,

Ross (Macfarlane)