Caught by the River

Memorious Earth: A Longitudinal Study

7th February 2015


Pages from Unindex Volume One: Feræ Naturæ

Richard Skelton and Autumn Richardson trace the development of Cumbrian natural history in a collection of work that includes music, film, books, artefacts and other assemblages. Entitled Memorious Earth: A Longitudinal Study, it features a curious ‘Museum of Feræ Naturæ’ that brings together stories taken from old manuscripts and local museum pieces to explore “the customary persecution and exploitation of animal life in Cumbria, offering alternate historic, mythic and folkloric contexts for these artefacts which imply different attitudes towards the natural world.”

The exhibition is housed over two venues in the Lake District, Abbott Hall Art Gallery and Blackwell The Arts & Craft House until 14th March 2015.