Caught by the River


29th March 2015

A sprinkling of things we’ve savoured of late at Caught by the River…

022-bks-BTB-master315Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

A fine piece with Richard Price, talking books and how he came to be a writer: “As a child I would compulsively read anything and everything — the ad copy on a Gleem toothpaste carton, a restaurant menu written in Chinese, even my parents’ condensed Reader’s Digest anthologies. I was also precocious. In fourth grade I delivered an oral book report on the life of Kwame Nkrumah. The kid after me gave his report on Bruce the Lonely Moose.

History of the Countryside

Two resounding tributes to the botanist Oliver Rackham by Little Toller Books and Richard Mabey.


With some familiar – In the Field: The Art of Field Recording by Cathy Lane and Angus Carlyle – and unexpected – The Book of Legendary Lands by Umberto Eco – inclusions, seven essential books for field recording and sound mapping courtesy of Cities and Memory.

skelligsPhoto by Seán Mac an tSíthigh

Capturing a barrage of sea and avian sound, Chris Watson recounts his stirring visit to the island of Skellig Michael.

Up in Hebden Bridge and eager for an early arrival, Richard Carter is on high alert for migrating swallows.

6-GreatPrespaLake-500x348 Photo by Julian Hoffman

On the Silk Road website, Julian Hoffman reflects on how place, people and Yugoslavian history sparked his book into life. Another great interview with the man at


Beside the river Doubs on a post lunch stroll, Henri Bresson – The Wizard of Vesoul – delights his fellow walkers in a spontaneous burst of trout fishing mastery.

?????????????????????????????????????? Photo by Ed Perkins

An intimate and marvellous documentary about Garnet Frost, who while taking stock of life decides to finally return to Loch Arkaig, to the moment that has haunted him for twenty years and the mystery he hopes to resolve.

A Short Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Nature party on the Blackwater Blog.