Caught by the River

The Guts of the Sea

4th July 2015

The Guts of The Sea from On Par on Vimeo.

This short film was brought to our attention by Carwyn ‘Colorama’ Ellis, friend of the river and composer of the score:

At 79 years of age Royal Academy artist Terry Setch is an avid beachcomber, often found mumbling and stumbling through the grayscale surroundings of Wales’ industrial coastline. Dishevelled but graceful, Terry’s silver-grey hair matches the water’s glistening horizon, while the wrinkles on his forehead match the regimented waves that crash on the shore.

The Guts Of The Sea gives an insight into Terry’s approach to his work and the relationship with his surroundings is as contrasting as the tides, with his work exploring the elemental and emotional turmoil provided by society’s relationship with nature. Clearing and recycling foreign objects from the beach for his work, we follow Terry’s search for found objects, before he paints, mottles, and melts them onto canvas.