Caught by the River

A Good Life Experience

23rd September 2015

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Last weekend was spent on the Hawarden estate in the county of Flintshire at the second ever Good Life Experience.
We’d like to thank everyone that came and said hello, bought a book from our shop, listened to a talk and danced to the music on Saturday night.
Thanks to the festival founders Charlie, Caroline, Steve and Cerys for having us.
And thanks to those that without whom the world would be a far less interesting place: Nina Herve, Will Burns, Jeb Loy Nichols, Emma Warren, Melissa Harrison, Nina Lyon, Nonny Denny, Roy Wilkinson, Professor Trevor Cox, Rob Chapman, Rob Cowen, Cally Callomon, Daisy Vaughan, Gabrielle Drake, Danny Mitchell, Mathew Clayton, Dan Richards. Stars, one and all.