Caught by the River

Nutcracker in a Stone Pine by Matt Sewell

Matt Sewell | 6th January 2016

Nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes)

A Siberian starling, but very much of the crow family, comes dressed in the finest dark hues of an autumn/winter range and dazzling snowflake parka jacket. An infrequent winter visitor from northern Europe, the Nutcracker gets his name from his love of . . . can you guess? Yes, cracking nuts! Using his long beak to chisel out pine seeds all winter long, a cracker – like the Jay – systematically buries and stores their chow to keep for refreshments at less plentiful times; they have been known to store up to 30,000 seeds in one season. That’s a lotta nuts cracked!

Matt Sewell

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