Caught by the River

Richard Booth's Hedgerow Photography

21st January 2016

1 Photographer and musician Richard Booth escaped from London in 2007, seeking a more peaceful and humane existence. ‘Moving to Wales changed my life – I feel that I’ve really found a creative space here in which I’ve been able to progress artistically.’ Originally from Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, he has found himself living in Cornwall, Los Angeles and London, and various points in between. Having always been a musician, he turned more seriously to photographic work seventeen years ago.

This series of images is a culmination of a six-year project exploring overlooked aspects of landscape – deriving from a fascination of the apparently mundane. ‘I believe that, as a major feature of the landscape, this particular element deserved examination from a new perspective, in a way that would hopefully reveal a fresh insight into the variety and character of a feature not often recognised for more than practical purposes.’