Caught by the River

A few words on BE play ONE

20th February 2016

Ca221lyWwAUe_HF.jpg-large Photos: Wolfgang Buttress

These past couple of days have seen our latest Rivertones release, BE•ONE, performed live for the very first time, in a pair of sold out shows at Nottingham Arts Theatre. And what a delight.

Artist Wolfgang Buttress’s attention to detail – from the bee nets and beekeeping gloves adorning the theatre’s corridors, to the immersive 7.2 surround sound system built especially for the shows – ensured that the performances were something to be remembered. And we’re not the only ones who think so:here’s Luke Turner’s glowing review for The Guardian. A musical collective accompanied by a live stream of 40,000 bees was always going to be pretty special, wasn’t it?


If you missed out on these performances, you’ll be pleased to hear that BE will perform One at our upcoming Caught by the River Thames festival in August. More about that here.

And, of course, you can listen to the album everyone’s been buzzing about on Spotify and buy it here from the Caught by the River shop. Happy listening.