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Jeb Loy Nichols | 21st April 2016

keep it going

Delaney Bramlett
Keep It Going

I’ve had, these past three weeks, a lot to do. Spring is nearly upon us which means vegetable beds to prepare, fences to mend, a winter damaged road to look after, trees to prune, grass to cut. And I’ve been wrapping up other projects; music, books, prints; the days, the weeks, the months aren’t long enough.

Stop. Take a deep breath. The days and weeks are exactly the right length.

This is what happens – spring brings a hectic energy. I prowl my room, intent on making things happen. Forgetting to look at the wall over my desk where I’ve pinned a poem by Ryokan, the hermit monk. The poem is:

See and realise that this world is not permanent. Neither late nor early flowers will remain.

And next to that is a page from a Beginners Guide To Spanish. I’ve highlighted a phrase that says:

I am alone. I have nothing.

This track, by Delaney Bramlett, seems to belong to spring. It ploughs forward, it buds, it blooms, it rushes, never is it still. I play it and let myself sit down for a minute. I watch the cherry tree, the rabbits, the pheasants, I listen to the sheep, to the hundreds of lambs, to Delaney Bramlett. I sit until the song ends and then I’m up again, ruled by spring, ruled by time, filling up my days.
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