Caught by the River

Rain & Sea Fog: Melissa Harrison & Amy Liptrot

2nd April 2016

event1 Do you grumble about the rain, or do you see it as a life-giving force of nature? Does a beautiful view always look better in sunshine, or are you swept away by a wild and windy day out?

However the weather makes you feel, it is an ever-present part of our lives – and our literature. The rain, the sun, the wind – these uncontrollable elements shape the landscapes that surround us, and deeply affect us both as individuals and as a nation.

On Thursday 28 April, join longstanding Caught by the River contributors Melissa Harrison and Amy Liptrot as they discuss weather as a meteorological, geological and psychological phenomenon.

This event will take place at Forge & Co. cafe in Heal’s, Tottenham Court Road. Tickets are £8 and are exclusively available to Faber Members (membership is free – sign up here).

Both Melissa and Amy will be joining us at festivals throughout the summer, including our very own Caught by the River Thames in August.

Melissa Harrison on Caught by the River

Amy Liptrot on Caught by the River