Caught by the River

Competition Results

29th June 2016

sylvia-patterson-2-xlarge_trans++T_NgP97hmQeg1nYBfQfCkhm17PyZEfHTrTL1npQ7IAk Sylvia Patterson and Jarvis Cocker

Here are the results of our latest newsletter competition:

We had three copies of Sylvia Patterson’s I’m Not With the Band, out now via Sphere, to give away.

We asked: Sylvia has penned sleeve notes to the greatest hits of two major British bands. Can you name both of them?

And the answer is: Oasis and Take That. The winners are Julie Mouger, Tom Ryder Runton and Mark Howroyd. Your prizes will be with you soon.

Thanks, as usual, for all the competition entries. To be in with a chance of winning our next prize, make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list on the front page of the site.