Caught by the River

Competition Results

2nd June 2016

Here are the results of our last couple of competitions:

First up, we had a copy of Tom Sheehan’s beautiful new book Aim High: Paul Weller in Photographs 1978 – 2015 to give away.

We asked: One of our favourite tracks by The Jam is a stand alone single from 1981 called ‘Absolute Beginners.’ The song shares its title with a favourite book of Paul Weller’s (ours too). Can you name the author?

And the answer is: Colin MacInnes. The winner is William Campbell. Your book is in the post.


Next up, we had a complete set of Faber’s new Nature Poets books to give away.

We asked: An aged thrush, frail, gaunt, and small/In blast-beruffled plume/Had chosen thus to fling his soul/Upon the growing gloom. Which poet wrote these lines?

And the answer is: Thomas Hardy. The winner is Roger Barberis. Your books will be with you soon.

Thanks, as usual, for all the competition entries. To be in with a chance of winning our next prize, make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list on the front page of the site.