Caught by the River

The Hive at Kew Gardens opens to the public

17th June 2016

Dacian-Groza-The-Hive-London-20160615-5091-02 copy Photos: Dacian Groza

We’re delighted that artist Wolfgang Buttress’s multi-award-winning architectural installation The Hive, newly situated within Kew Gardens, will open to the public this weekend.

Towering 17 metres high and twisting out of the ground in a shape suggestive of a swarm of bees, this magnificent, ever-changing space is a visual symbol of the pollinators’ role in feeding humanity and the challenges bees face today. A programme of illuminating talks, tours, activities and films are due to accompany the structure.

Visitors are drawn into The Hive via a lush and vibrant wildflower meadow as though they are bees returning to the hive. Once inside, thousands of flickering LED lights bring this 40-tonne lattice to life, whist critically acclaimed Rivertones release the BE•ONE provides a calming, meditative soundscape.

Dacian-Groza-The-Hive-London-20160615-5111-02 copy

Triggered by real-time activity within a living beehive located nearby in the Gardens, the sound and light intensity within the space changes as the energy levels in the real hive fluctuate, giving visitors an experiential insight into the life of a bee colony. More information available here.


Wolfgang Buttress spoke to Chris Packham on Springwatch Unsprung last night. Watch on iPlayer.

BBC Music have included Wolfgang in their roundup of ’10 interviews with cult musicians that will inspire your inner eccentric’ – Listen here.

BE•ONE is available to purchase digitally and on CD/vinyl in the Caught by the River shop.