Caught by the River

The River Man

31st July 2016


Richard Gorodecky’s film The River Man is now available to watch via Vimeo On Demand.

This ‘fated love story between a man and a river’ tells the tale of Connie Corcoran – one of Ireland’s great salmon fishing guides – and the Blackwater River, which he has dedicated his life to.

In a director’s note, Gorodecky says:

“It was the River Blackwater that first brought me to Ireland. I came to catch a fish, but it seems it was, in fact, me who was caught. And it was on its banks that I first met Connie. We fished together, we drank tea and we talked. It was as though he’d stood in the river for so long that all the hard edges of his character had been washed away, leaving behind a truly gentle man. To be in his company was both educational and therapeutic. I can’t remember if I caught a fish that day or not. But as Connie will tell you, that’s not what it’s all about. In The River Man I have tried to capture someone who I regard as a hero. A man who has found absolute harmony within his landscape. The river man has lived a simple life and asked for nothing besides a more conscious approach to fishing and our environment.”

Watch a trailer for the film below, and click through to rent or buy.