Caught by the River

Kate Carr: Flicker, Flow

Kate Carr | 3rd August 2016

Flicker, Flow – Kate Carr (from I had myself a nuclear spring) from Kate Carr on Vimeo.

Ahead of the release of album I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring on Rivertones on 26 August, Australian field recordist Kate Carr shares the video for ‘Flicker, Flow’. The footage was filmed upon Kate’s return to the temporary wetlands of Marnay-sur-Seine, a year after compiling the audio recordings. She says of the experience:

Last time I was in Marnay I was looking for interesting field recordings, so I spent a lot of time wandering around at dusk when the birds were most vocal, and at night when the soundscape turned mysterious. But this time around I was trying to gather photographs and video footage, and this meant I spent a lot more time out and about in the day time. I had recently got a new underwater camera and I became obsessed with trying to capture Marnay’s temporary watery world from both above and underwater. I’m no expert at underwater photography, but my short exposure to it has left me dazzled by the beauty of the combination of sun and water. Sun hitting water and separating into distinct rays, light reflecting off the churning river, sun dappled underwater scenes. My rudimentary techniques at capturing such images consisted of simply wading into streams and holding the camera underwater, which left me yelling with pain at my numb hands, or tying a string to the camera and throwing it into streams. It was a rather hit and miss approach.

I Had Myself A Nuclear Spring is available to preorder here. Kate Carr will join us at The Good Life Experience on Sunday 18 September, in addition to a headline show at London’s Café OTO on Thursday 22 September.