Caught by the River

Roger Deakin memorial window

11th September 2016

Part of our continuing tribute to Roger Deakin

Under Roger’s influence, I built a sauna with a friend (and learned to make stained glass and set tile as part of that), started serious pond swimming after years of being too chickenshit to do it with any real gusto, and have read a lot of good books – Eric Rolls, William Cobbett, Colin Ward, Geoffrey Household, Les Murray, etc.

Here’s our “Roger Deakin memorial window”, now in a sauna on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC:


His books had that rare “Nurse With Wound list effect” on me, pointing to things I’d probably not have heard of otherwise that are always high quality, and that are turn are still paying out (I found CBTR by Googling his name after reading Waterlog).

Thanks for keeping his memory alive. I still hope you guys will send someone to scour his papers at UEA … there has got to be at least one more book in there.

Ryan Shepard