Caught by the River

Remembering Roger Deakin

5th September 2016

dogger49deakinRD by Maxim Peter Griffin

On 19 August 2006, the death of Roger Deakin – writer, environmentalist and patron saint of this parish – had a profound effect on those whose lives he had touched. In the ten years since that tragic day, we think it’s safe to say his infuence has spread further and deeper than he could have ever imagined.

We took the opportunity of this anniversary to ask our readers to share the ways in which they have been moved by Roger’s work. The response has been quite phenomenal. We’ll be posting as many as we can over the next couple of weeks or so, starting today with a poem from Ben Myers and a drawing by Maxim Griffin.

After Roger Deakin (2006 – 2016)
by Ben Myers

Black Moss Pot. Janet’s Foss.
Grisedale Beck.
A lake in Kent.

A rockpool by Watendlath.
Snow melt over Marsden.

Caribbean. Aegean.

An Oxbow near Manesty.
Gaddings Dam. Lumb Falls.

Peat moss silt flow
copper skin
boldly go.