Caught by the River

The Dockworker's Dream / The Hustle

21st September 2016

The gorgeous piece of music in this film clip is ‘The Hustle’, from the forthcoming LP by Lambchop. We posted the track on the site a few weeks ago. I’ve listened to it nearly every day since, and I still smile when I forget who I’m listening to and then remember that it’s Lambchop (usually around three times per listen).

The clip turned up online the other day. It’s a collaboration between Lambchop and Bill Morrison – a name new to me, but he’s described as being “one of the most respected American filmmakers, celebrated for Decasia, one of the most famous of a wave of experimental films using found archival footage.”

I’ve checked Bill Morrison out: he’s an interesting guy, and definitely worth further investigation. For now though, kick back to this. It’s a beauty. (JB)