Caught by the River

The Quaggy & its Tributaries

28th October 2016

img_0764Map of the Quaggy, drawn by Ken White.

The Quaggy & its Tributaries is a page you can find on the Running Past blog, a site which reflects its author’s passions: running and South London local history.

As you have probaly gathered from the title of the blog, The Quaggy is a river in the south east of England. It meets the Ravensbourne in Lewisham and together they flow into Deptford Creek, and on into the Thames. Its tributaries are manifold and the brooks have become significant place names in the boroughs of Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham.

An update last weekend – Following the Quaggy – The Two Kyd Brooks – acted as a reminder of the fact that we’ve been meaning to shout about it for a while. It’s a brilliant blog, full of fascinating facts and stories and highly recommended for those of you with an interest in history, psychogeography (blimey, there’s a word I’ve not used for some time), waterways and, yes, running.