Caught by the River

Competition Results

3rd November 2016

Here are the results of our last couple of newsletter competitions:


First up, we had three copies of Paul Farrell’s Great Britain in Colour, newly released by Pan Macmillan, to give away.

We asked: Citing the aquatic plant as being ‘an important part of Great Britain’s culinary and agricultural heritage’, one page of the book focuses on the annual Watercress Festival. During the celebration, a parade marks the coming of spring, and women and children wear garlands of leaves in their hair. In which English county does the festival take place?

And the answer is: Hampshire. The winners are Michaela Freeman, Kelvin Shewry and Edith Monde. Your prizes will be with you soon.


Next up, we had three vinyl copies of Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker’s new album Overnight, out now via Rough Trade Records, to give away.

We asked: Before signing the duo to his label, the founder of Rough Trade Records cited Josienne and Ben’s 2014 album Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour as his favourite record of that year. But what is his name?

And the answer is: Geoff Travis. The winners are Daryl Kane, Jamie Moloney and Gill Sheehan. You records are well on their way.

Thanks, as usual, for all the competition entries. On tomorrow’s newsletter, we’re offering the chance to win a copy of Jini Reddy’s alternative guidebook Wild Times, courtesy of Bradt Travel Guides. The book contains 26 unusual and unforgettable experiences spanning the breadth of the UK – from barefoot walks in Wales to wild medicine in the Cotswolds and bumblebee safaris in Somerset.

Make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list before 11am for the chance to win. The sign-up bar can be found on the top right-hand side of the site.