Caught by the River

Richard Carter at Machpelah Mill

17th January 2017

‘Our town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire takes its name from the picturesque sixteenth-century packhorse bridge crossing Hebden Water in the centre of town. The locals are justifiably proud of it. But there are many other photogenic bridges in the area. So, in 2014, I embarked on a project to photograph the other local bridges: Hebden’s non-eponymous bridges, so to speak.’

So says Richard Carter of his photo-project ‘Hebden’s Other Bridges’ – select prints of which will adorn the walls of Machpelah Mill during our afternoon of poetry and prose this Saturday.

Head to Richard’s blog to learn more about the process of readying the prints for display, or revisit our previous post on the project for a sneaky peek of what’s to come.


Richard Carter’s photo-book Hebden’s Other Bridges is available to order online.

Richard Carter on Caught by the River/on Twitter