Caught by the River

Event roundup

22nd February 2017

Here follows a little roundup of some events we like the look of:

First off, here’s a shameless plug for a happening of our own, taking place next Monday, 27 February, at London’s iconic Horse Hospital. There’ll be poetry, film and…music made in an abandoned French nuclear power station. Tickets are £10 in advance and are available here, along with less scant information about the evening’s proceedings.

Now that’s out of the way, we can make a fuss about some cool things by other people. Photographer William Arnold — creator of the beautiful Suburban Herbarium series, as previously featured on the site — is just one of many guest speakers at SHADOWS II: Natural Transformations, a symposium which will explore the relationship between traditional photography processes and natural transformations. The event, which takes place on Friday 10 March at London College of Communication, is free, but booking is essential. More info and tickets available here.

Last but not least, Kurt Jackson’s hugely popular Bees (and the Odd Wasp) in My Bonnet paintings take up residence at the Jackson Foundation Gallery in Cornwall, following a successful stint at Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Acknowledging the dangers faced by British bees, Jackson has spent the past few years exploring the world of pollinators, producing a collection informed by his grounding in the sciences and his experience as a beekeeper. The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 25 March.