Caught by the River

Brian David Stevens: Beachy Head

Brian David Stevens | 20th March 2017


Beachy Head phone box
Phone box at Birling Gap

Brian David Stevens introduces shots from a series of photographs he took, over a period of 12 months, at Beachy Head:

The phone boxes are important: they mark the start and end point of this series geographically. From Beachy Head to Birling Gap, they are the bookends of the series. Beachy Head certainly can be bleak at times, but to me it’s never stopped being beautiful. It’s complex, but it’s this complexity, the vast amounts of light and shade, that draw you in and challenge you to make sense of it all.

The phone boxes both seem like lifelines in incredibly lonely places, not dissimilar to the lighthouses at the top and the bottom of the cliffs. They both feel full of ghosts.


The whole Beachy Head series can be seen here.

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