Caught by the River

Brian David Stevens: Beachy Head

Brian David Stevens | 7th April 2017


Remains of the return portion of a train ticket, Beachy Head clifftop

Brian David Stevens introduces shots from a series of photographs he took, over a period of 12 months, at Beachy Head:

It’s just a ticket. It’s been out here for a while; the printing has faded, the start and end points of the journey have vanished, and the only wording that remains is ‘Return’.

Everything you find at Beachy Head takes on a slightly sinister mantle. Your mind rather bleakly fills in the gaps, inventing stories that hopefully aren’t there. You hope that it was just lost; you hope there was a return journey.

It’s just a ticket though. Just a ticket. Nothing more.


The whole Beachy Head series can be seen here.

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