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Jeb Loy Nichols | 29th April 2017

Spaghetti Head
Funky Axe

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Is this the way everyone’s life is? Neither a success nor disaster; something that just rolls along. Today I worked seven hours in the garden turning beds; the soil is clay heavy and tired; I’m digging in manure and compost and sand. While I work I think of friends in the city who have never owned a spade. I watch the dark earth heave up and collect on my boots. Then I think about the new collection of short stories by Diane Williams that I’m reading. Then I think about an upcoming trip to France and Germany that I don’t want to take. Then I think about my father who’s old now and mostly silent. All this stuff moving around inside my head. Come evening I sit down and listen to a Sun Ra record. Then, because it’s Sunday and I’m my father’s son, I play a few tracks from a gospel album by Ralph Stanley. Finally, thinking of my friends at Caught by the River, I randomly pull out a single from the shelves. I put it on and I’m in the Bronx, it’s 1980, and I’m thinking: what the hell is this record? I remember pestering the DJ until he told me: Funky Axe by Spaghetti Head. I thought he was joking; who calls their band Spaghetti Head? It took me a few years to find a copy. I was in Amsterdam looking through boxes of junk and I pulled it out and thought: damn, he wasn’t joking. It is called Spaghetti Head. It’s still, after all these years, a killer groove. And now I’m thinking: none of this makes any sense. No plan, no order. No connective tissue. The arbitrary bricks that make up the building of me. Is this the way everyone’s life is?


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