Caught by the River

Source To Sea Photography Exhibition

14th April 2017


I’m writing to you partly to thank you for releasing your book A Collection of Words on Water. Since picking it up I have hardly been able to put it down again. It’s been a humongous source of inspiration for me in my own creative projects recently.

I’m also writing to you to let you know about a photography exhibition I’m putting on in Cornwall. I’m from Falmouth, and have lived near the Helford River for most of my life, and the way your book describes being caught by the river is exactly how I feel about the Helford. I’ve been shooting a documentary/landscape photography project about the Helford River for the last 7 months, documenting the lives of people who work and live on the river.

The exhibition is going to be held in Gweek, on a farm over Easter weekend. I see the river as a place almost lost in time, where traditional ways of life have survived in the digital age, where people can still lose themselves in nature. That idea of the river’s timelessness is something I wanted to communicate with my photographs and exhibition, as well as what the river means to me personally. I found that in attempting to communicate what the river means to me, I created something that was very relatable to many people who feel the same way about the river as I do. The photos have been exclusively shot on 35mm film, enlarged and printed onto weatherproof fabric. I’ll attach a sample of some of the photos being exhibited, and a copy of the exhibition poster for you.

Thanks for your time,

Jasper Troje Tuck​​​​​​​​​​