Caught by the River

Lapwings at Catcott

14th May 2017

A film by Bevis Bowden:

“The Catcott Lows on the Somerset Levels is part of the largest wet meadow system in Britain and forms a part of the Avalon marshes. It is a landscape that is resolutely leaking back into its natural state. During the winter this landscape becomes the home to Lapwings and, the focus of my film.

While remaining in the orbit of natural history filmmaking, I see this film as a collation of extended moments – Lapwings within a micro drama.

As you stare across the waterlogged landscape and, watch the Lapwings flock, the origin of their name becomes evident – from the Old English hleapewince ‘to leap and wink’. There are reverberations of the past here, the Tor at Glastonbury is a constant reminder of this.”

The music is The Intruder from the album Where We Were by Greg Haines. Available on iTunes.

(with thanks to Nick Franglen)