Caught by the River

Muir is Tir – William Arnold's Land & Sea Residency on Stornoway

6th August 2017

News reached us this week that photographer William Arnold, whose work is much-admired at CBTR HQ, has been offered a last-minute, two-week residency on Stornoway, where he will investigate historical and cultural links between the Western Isles (Scotland) & West Penwith (Cornwall).

Having received no public funding, William is now crowdfunding in an attempt to cover the costs of the venture. Rewards for donations range from postcards to museum-quality prints and cyanotype workshops.

We can’t wait to see the work that comes of the project, which is to be exhibited at group exhibitions at An Lanntair, Stornoway and Edinburgh College of Art. If you too are enthused, you can find out more and donate to William’s cause here.


William Arnold on Caught by the River/on Twitter