Caught by the River

Cubby's Tarn

14th October 2017

A gallery of photographs by Joseph Wright, from the forthcoming book and exhibition Cubby’s Tarn.

In Joseph’s own words: ‘John Cubby entered my family’s lives the year I was born, 1963, whilst he was working as a stockman on the farm my parents were working and living on at the time. Subsequently, visits to Grizedale to spend time with John after he had become a Wildlife Ranger would leave a lasting impression on me. Experiences that would find their way deep into my conscious being and influence my love of the woodlands and countryside, helping shape the person I am today. As such it was inevitable that I would choose Grizedale to return to when searching for a location to create a body of work that explores ‘our’ relatonship with the woodlands. In the process I created a body of work that explored the ‘spirit of place’ I encountered on first visiting the tarn – my own personal eulogy to the life of John Cubby’.

The exhibition runs from 18th October — 31st December 2017 at Grizedale Forest Centre, Grizedale , Hawkshead, Cumbria, LA22 0QJ. More information can be found on Joseph’s website.

Joseph Wright (b. 1963) originates from Cambridgeshire, but is now based in a small village near Swindon in Wiltshire and has spent much of his life living and working in semi-rural locations. His artistic work includes photography and book-making – he is firmly of the opinion that photographs are best viewed in printed form.

He is best known for his evocative and multi-layered landscape images that reveal stories of the land, how we inhabit it and how it affects us, developed through an understanding coming from his life-long relationship and deep affinity with the countryside and edgelands. His work is instinctive in response to place and event. It is frequently rooted in history, toponymy and topography. He unwinds time and peels back the layers of culture and memory creating work to move beyond the simple aesthetic to reveal a deeper understanding of his subjects.

Joseph is the founder of photobook publisher JW Editons and a co-founder of the Inside the Outside landscape photography collective.