Caught by the River

Large Objects Moving Air 2018

6th January 2018

This coming Monday, 8 January, one-day conference Large Objects Moving Air 2018 takes place at London College of Communication.

Featuring appearances from Caught by the River mainstays Laura Cannell and Chris Watson, amongst others, LOMA will explore the presence, agency and materiality of air from the microscale to macroscale, through both literal and figurative interpretations.

What comes to mind when one thinks about air? Air is everywhere and nowhere. It is a carrier of frequencies, energies, vibrations, toxins, pollutants and blast waves. It supports life and is a site of communication. It is clouds and The Cloud. Who owns it? Can it be owned? Who or what are the agents in the transmission and circulation of air? How does it circulate and what circulates within it?

More information about the event, and indeed tickets, are available here.