Caught by the River

Upcoming Social Club Events

26th February 2018

On a vaguely monthly basis, we hold events – our ‘Social Clubs’ – which aim to bring Caught by the River off the web and into three dimensions. Catch us at the next couple:

Poster by Nick Hand

On Tuesday 13 March, we return to The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, where we will be taken on a virtual journey down the River Don by Dr David Bramwell, be treated to sweet folk sounds from Jim Ghedi, and bob along to discs spun by The Memory Band‘s Stephen Cracknell. More info and £8 tickets available here.

Poster by Louise Mason

On Monday 9 April, we’ll be joined in our spiritual club house – The Social on London’s Little Portland Street – by Paul Henry and Brian Briggs, who present their poetry and music project The Glass Aisle – and Lomond Campbell, who’ll be coaxed down from the Highlands to perform songs from his beautiful album Black River Promise. Tickets are £7 and available, along with more info, here.