Caught by the River

This music is playing at Jeff’s house

7th May 2018

Our very own Jeff Barrett shares the tracks and albums he’s currently digging:

I’m a big big fan of Damian Jurado and he’s just released his best album yet (his 17th I think). This is the opening track, I dare you not to swoon. Stream / Buy

I’m pretty much addicted to the Kacey Musgraves record right now. This one’s my current fave (I’d die to hear Jeb sing it) but I think the whole album’s pretty damn great.

Anyone who’s had the chance to see Caught by the River favourites Modern Studies on one of our festival stages this past couple of years will already now how good they are, but be notified: they are about to release a total knockout of an album. Here’s a taster…

And finally, summer’s coming and thoughts are turning to festivals and friends and dancing and this, by Mac Gregor, is already in the box marked ‘for playing beneath the stars’.