Caught by the River

Gwenno – Morning Music at the Barbara Hepworth Museum

8th July 2018

A pretty extraordinary date for your diary has just been announced: on 13 September, much loved Welsh-and-Cornish-language artist and friend of the river Gwenno takes to St Ives’ Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden for an hour-long solo ambient set, as part of the Tate’s ‘Morning Music’ series.

Gwenno’s recently released second album, Le Kov (The Place of Memory), is written entirely in Cornish. With songs referencing Peter Lanyon, the St Ives School, and Cornwall’s clogged roads in the summertime, Gwenno’s beautiful, stirring music is a celebration of all the things that Cornwall – and the Cornish language – has to offer.

Gwenno’s set will soundtrack breakfast and fizz provided by the Tate. More info and tickets are available here.

Before this special event Gwenno (and her band) will be performing a plugged in all out set on our stage at Port Eliot Festival on Thursday 26 July.

Listen to ‘Tir Ha Mor’, taken from Le Kov, below: