Caught by the River

Erland Cooper – Simmer Dim

29th September 2018

Something shiny, new and beautiful from Erland Cooper – a highlight of our festival stages this summer.

‘Simmer Dim’ – which translates from Orcadian as ‘Summer Twilight’ – is taken from Erland’s forthcoming Nightflight EP; an ambient-techno sister to this year’s debut solo album Solan Goose.

Having grown up on the Scottish archipelago of Orkney, Cooper wrote Solan Goose as a response to ease an anxiety and claustrophobia from working in a city, while creating for him and the listener a work of balance and calm – a kind of liminal space. Written below humid, bustling city pavements, Nightflight is a darker, harder edged companion to the exploration of the ethereal Orkney landscape.

The film for ‘Simmer Dim’, made by Sapphire Goss, is an amalgamation of imagery taken from Erland’s previous videos.

‘Simmer Dim’ is out now via Phases, and the Nightflight EP is to follow in late October.