Caught by the River

In Search of Darkness at Grizedale Project Space

2nd October 2018

William Arnold

You’ve just a couple of days left to catch In Search of Darkness at Grizedale Project Space in the Lake District.

The exhibition features works by selected UK and international artists inspired by the naturally dark skies of the Grizedale area. The works were created in response to a three day residency between 6 and 8 July 2018, when artists spent time experiencing Grizedale and its surrounding locale. During this residency, artists were asked to consider the importance of preserving dark sky areas and raise awareness of the ecological problems caused by the impact of artificial light. The exhibition brings a multitude of ideas into conversation around light pollution and its impact on urban and rural landscape, wellbeing and ecology.

Anthony Carr

Exhibiting artists include Maria Luigia Gioffre, Eunjung Kim, Susan Eyre, Julie Hill, Anthony Carr, Melanie King, Louise Beer, Rebecca Huxley, Diego Valente, and the frequently featured on these pages William Arnold. The exhibition runs until 4 October; more info here.

In situ work by William Arnold. Photograph by John Hooper.