Caught by the River

Somesuch Stories #4

7th November 2018

News reached us yesterday that the fourth issue of the stupendous Somesuch Stories is now available for preorder.

This new issue, due for release in mid-November, examines the role of ‘redemption’ in contemporary society, through essays, poetry and short stories that explore the future of writing; bad romance; seaside recovery; malevolent yogi; sexist AI; spliffs, shagging and Síle na Gigs; stagnant pop culture; sibling rivalry; snatched sexual liberty; casual racism; death-defying friendships, and the fates of Winona Ryder, Aishwarya Rai, and Ursula, the sea witch.

Contributions come from a dream cast: Daisy Johnson; Sophie Mackintosh; Octavia Bright; YZ Chin; Joseph Keckler; Kieran Yates; Emer O’Toole; Siobhan Leddy; Tara Isabella Burton; Luke Turner; Heidi James; Sarvat Hasin; Alexis Penney, and Kayo Chingonyi.

We absolutely cannot wait to get our paws on a copy. Order yours here.