Caught by the River

Sounding Nature

29th November 2018

Last week, Cities and Memory launched the biggest ever global collection of nature sounds, in an attempt to highlight how the sounds that we produce every day as humans are damaging and impacting on our natural world. The project, called ‘Sounding Nature’, includes almost 500 recordings from 55 countries, covering everything from glaciers and geysers to hyenas, eagles and sea lions. 

Each nature recording has been reimagined and recomposed by an artist to reflect upon the damage being done to our natural world by human-generated sounds such as shipping, logging, drilling and even everyday traffic.

Sounding Nature includes a collaboration with the British Library, who provided a selection of their wildlife and environmental recordings for artists to work with. A total of 245 artists from all over the world have contributed recordings and recomposed pieces for the project. 

Sounding Nature can be viewed and listened to in full here.