Caught by the River

The films of Margaret Tait

9th November 2018

Margaret Tait? New to us, and currently has a fantastic-looking season at the BFI (‘Rhythm and Poetry‘) dedicated to her work – so we asked fellow Orcadian Erland Cooper to tell us what he knew…

I was recently at the local pier arts centre in Stromness at her exhibition, it was fantastic. The title here describes her work exceptionally well, rhythm & poetry in film. She was a pioneer and had a unique way of seeing the detail within the detail, drawing out the poetry from the seemingly mundane and finding magic where others overlooked. Her and George Mackay Brown are my favourite Orkney artists. Her archival work can be found online readily – explore! I must say though, the gallery at home is a gem, it floats in the harbour, reflecting light through glass like a prism.

Unbeknown fully to me, I shot my new album press shots while walking around her exhibition!