Caught by the River

Save The Social!

14th March 2019

It is with great sadness that we share the news that our spiritual treehouse The Social — venue of many a Caught by the River Social Club, Christmas market and damn good party over the years, not to mention countless incredible gigs — is facing closure, just as it approaches the milestone of its twentieth birthday. The venue is now crowdfunding to attempt to stay open, and has a mere fortnight to stump up the £95,000 necessary to change its fate.

Rising rents and an offer to the building’s leaseholder from a cocktail and wine bar chain have put The Social under very serious threat. The bar’s founders need to raise money to buy a controlling share in the venue from the leaseholder in order to keep The Social open. Unless new investment is found in the next 2 weeks then the iconic venue will be forced to close its doors. They, and we, are asking you for help.

You can read more about the situation, peruse rewards, and, most importantly, make a donation over on The Social’s crowdfunding page. We’d be so grateful.