Caught by the River

Mute Swans Over Carraiglea: a poem by John Kinsella

19th May 2019

Four with their white wings 
‘wheezing’ a refrain, following 
the black coastline. All life 
lifts to their passing. 

Seeing them is not dependent 
on eyesight, sensing their musical 
flight not dependent 
on hearing. Each wingsweep bridges silence. 

The leader flies higher and the others 
stack below to step down so the first
is last, the second, third. 
Harmonics are also involved. 

All life knows this more than 
its own sentience. All inanimate 
presence shudders under the force. 
Rocks shimmer, Carraiglea shudders


Taken from John Kinsella’s collection Insomnia, recently published by Picador and available here.